Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Slides from my talk

Hi folks

Here's the slides to my talk, How drilling down helps you write better content.



That article I promised

Hi everyone

Here's that article I promised you. 

3 formats to make your article marketing campaigns more digestible


Writing services, training and workshops to help rural businesses make more from doing what they love.
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Video slideshow and audio from Juliet Fay

Hi Sangeet

It was fantastic wasn't it. Thanks for all your hard work curating the blog. Lovely to meet you and look forward to catching up with you again after Easter.

I've posted a video and audio about the day on my blog.

Link to video slideshow on You Tube is here.

Best regards


Writing services, training and workshops to help rural businesses make more from doing what they love.
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To all you inspiring women who attended #mwdd13 - from Esther Nagle

I talked about, the site I created with Pippa, Sangeet, and Fran, this is just a reminder of that site, if anyone would like to contribute their inspiring woman story, whether their story or someone else, I'd be delighted to hear from you.
I'm writing a blog post that will appear on my blog and inspiring-women, will send a link here when I'm done.
Esther x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Helen Reynolds talk

Sangeet Bhullar's talk

Pippa's afternoon talk

@michelledavis interview's Laura Dunn as lunchtime homework #mwdd13

Here's my homework!

Task from Mrs Motivator - aka Pippa Davies

Laura Emily Dunn talk

Esther Nagle Talk

Philippa Davies talk

Jess Hughes talk part 2

Jess Hughes talk part 1

Juliet Fay's talk part 2

Juliet Fay's talk part 1

Insight from today's event - Laura Dunn

It has been really great to be one of the speakers at today's fantastic event, and to step out of my comfort zone and do something different!

I hope that I will have inspired other women to get involved in blogging and to embrace writing and talking about what they are passionate about online. 

Be passionate, embrace social media and become part of the great blogging community!

Thanks Pippa, Chris and all for their hard work for organizing today's great event- here's to the next! 

My insight from today - from Esther Nagle

Wales has a plethora of fascinating, intelligent, funny, and ingenious women.  Sharing experiences and learning with each other is so good for us all, as we find ways in which we can help each other, have fun, and make new connections.  Well done Pippa, and Chris for arranging this, and thanks to everyone I have learned from today!


Emma learning about all things digital

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It is fascinating and inspiring to listen to people's journeys. Each speaker has been on a journey of learning, self discovery and technical wizardry but at the heart of each journey is Passion.

So looking forward to hearing and learning more.

Blog length

What's the ideal length for a blog post?

Are guest bloggers a good idea?


Eleanor Beer doing her graphics magic

Part 2 of @JulietFay talk by @eleanorbeer

Great Summary of @JulietFay Talk by @eleanorbeer

Friday, 22 March 2013

Mostly Women Doing Digital
Wordpress Users Wales
Saturday, 23 March 2013 from 10:00 to 16:00 (GMT)
Swansea, United Kingdom

Thanks to Indycube's support and collaboration, we thought we'd have a different type of event on Saturday March 23rd - a day workshop where all the speakers are female, but women and men are welcome to attend.

Again a free event, it takes place at Indycube Swansea, between 10am and 4pm.

We've 7 women speakers, all enthusiasts in different areas of digital activity.

With emphasis on the practical, we aim to bombard you with useful takeaways to help plan your own digital production in the future.

  • Kids And Our Digital Future : Sangeet Bhullar, digital literacy specialist and founder of Wise Kids.
  • DIY Blog/Site SetUp And Design: psychologist Philippa Davies on the basics of setting up a blog or site – and critical design decisions.

  • Blogging Globally: Laura Dunn, journalist and creator of the Political Style blog, on reaching USA from Cardiff Bay.

  • Content Writing For Fans : copywriting guru Juliet Fay on how to creatively attract followers to your niche.

  • Why And How Video Is Vital : digital hero nominee and video/tv producer Jess Hughes, on the value of video and guidelines.

  • How The Web Gave Me A Job : Esther Nagle of the Women’s Workshop on how two years of meteoric learning online has boosted her career.

  • Public Life, Big Numbers and Social Media : award winning social media manager Helen Reynolds from Ace Digital Comms and Monmouth CC on innovation in unexpected places.